18 July 2024




Transcending Autism: Joey & Roberta Lowenstein

Combating Poverty & Exceeding Expectations

NBC: Detroit School Uses TM as Stress-Buster

Transcending Autism: Alex & Yvonne

Arizona Students & Teachers See Big Changes

Iowa Students Meditate to Improve Achievement

Why Quiet Time?

Transcending Autism: Jaxson's Story

Connecticut High School Students Praise TM

Relieving Traumatic Stress at New Horizons School

Transcending Autism: Nisha & Justin

Events Highlights

Buzzfeed Does TM for 60 Days

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz: "TM changes everything."

Martin Scorsese & Ray Dalio on Creativity, Meditation & Success

The Impact of TM on Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS

Jerry Seinfeld at DLF Change Begins Within V Gala

Bob Roth at Google Zeitgeist 2014

Ellen DeGeneres Opens Change Begins Within III Benefit Gala

Change Begins Within II Benefit Gala Featuring Dr. Oz

Paul McCartney Headlines Benefit Concert at Radio City Music Hall (Highlights)

Radio City Music Hall Benefit Concert
(News Conference Highlights)

Autism, Meditation and Stress

Operation Warrior Wellness Los Angeles Press Conference

Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Partners to Launch NYC Veterans Outreach

San Francisco School Superintendent Headlines Benefit on Quiet Time Program

Operation Warrior Wellness News Conference

National Summit on Student Health & Education

Transforming Lives through Transcendental Meditation

Military Conference on Overcoming PTSD & Preventing Suicides (Highlights)

National Education Summit on Quiet Time in the Classroom (Highlights)

National Summit on Meditation, Resilience & the Brain

CNN’s Candy Crowley Anchors Benefit for Veterans & At-Risk Students

Soledad O'Brien Addresses DLF Forum on Healing & Empowering Women

Jerry Seinfeld & George Stephanopoulos talk TM on Good Morning America

Lindsey Adelman Studio, Design and Transcendental Meditation

A Q&A Phone Call with David Lynch

Business Town Hall (Highlights)


Real PTSD Relief for America's Veterans

Afghanistan Veteran: “I Finally Felt Hope Again.”

Mother of Iraq Vet: “TM Saved My Son’s Life.”

“It was the Difference Between Heaven & Hell.”

Cadets Practice TM at a Military University

PTSD Relief for Officers of the Law

Platoon SGT (Ret.) Overcomes Suicidal Thoughts through TM

Wounded Marines Train from the Inside with Transcendental Meditation


Post-Traumatic Stress

Teenage Girls Rescued from Prostitution

TM Eases Vet’s Re-entry into Civilian Life

Soledad O’Brien: TM Heals Abused Women

Dr. Pamela Peeke: How TM Treats PTSD

Highlights from DLF Women's Summit

Healing & Empowering Victims of Violence

African Refugees Heal through TM

Healing the Inner Scars of Domestic Violence Through Meditation

American Indians

President Clinton Addresses David Lynch Foundation

TM Treats Diabetes on Winnebago Reservation

Quiet Time in Reservation Schools

Improving American Indian Health through TM

Homeless Shelters

David Lynch Foundation Partners with Gettlove L.A.

Empowering Homeless Men in Harlem

Abused Teens Find Strength in a Shelter

Homeless Men Overcome Anger through TM

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness


Freedom Behind Bars

Oregon Inmates Find Freedom from Stress

Senior Prison Researcher Talks about Benefits of TM

Prison Medical Doctor Wants TM for All Inmates


“My Mind Can Function Again. I Can Sleep Again. TM Has Saved Me.”

“Meditation Helped Me to Feel Peace Inside Again.”

Success without Stress

Barry Zito Talks Baseball, Meditation & Life

Actor Hugh Jackman Discusses Risk in His Profession, the "Gotta-Gotta Mind," & TM

Author Tom North Shares His Story about Healing from Within

Jerry Seinfeld's 40+ Years of Meditation, Work in Television, & More (Full Interview)

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld on the Things He Loves Most (Excerpt)

Russell Brand on Spirituality, Meditation & His Message to the Youth (Full Interview)

Russell Brand's Message to the Youth (Excerpt)

Russell Brand on Transcendental Meditation (Excerpt)

Russell Brand on Spirituality (Excerpt)

Ringo Starr on TM, Fashion, & the PeaceRocks Campaign (Full Interview)

Ringo Starr on TM, Fashion, & the PeaceRocks Campaign (Highlights)

Experts Dr. Norman Rosenthal & Dr. Pamela Peeke Share Insights into TM (Full Interview)

Experts Dr. Norman Rosenthal & Dr. Pamela Peeke Share Insights into TM (Highlights)

Lena Dunham on TM, creativity, & problem-solving (Full Interview)

Lena Dunham on TM, creativity, & problem-solving (Highlights)

TM & Women's Heart Health with Claudia Mason & Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

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