19 June 2024


The Quiet Time program:
improving academic performance
and reducing stress and violence

Stress: the #1 enemy of learning

In low-income urban schools, traumatic stress is a reality for millions of children who grow up in an oppressive climate of poverty, violence, and fear. This stress impedes learning and undermines physical and mental health:

  • 25% of teenagers suffer from anxiety disorders
  • 6.5 million children struggle from disabilities that impair their ability to learn
  • One in four high school students has been offered, sold or given illegal drugs on school property
  • One in three children are either overweight or obese
  • Nearly 3 million children receive medication for ADHD
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers

High stress levels also damage teachers and educators, resulting in extremely high burnout rates.

Stress reduction and cognitive development through Quiet Time

The Quiet Time program is a practical, evidence-based approach to reduce stress and dramatically improve academic performance, student wellness and the school environment.

Quiet Time provides students with two 15-minute periods of Transcendental Meditation each day to help balance their lives and improve their readiness to learn. This schoolwide program complements existing educational strategies by improving the physiological underpinnings of learning and behavior.

Groundbreaking research on schools with a Quiet Time program has found:

  • 10% improvement in test scores—and a narrowing of the achievement gap
  • Highly effective for increasing creativity
  • Improved teacher retention and reduced teacher burnout
  • Greater happiness, focus and self-confidence
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms and symptoms of other learning disorders
  • 86% reduction in suspensions over two years
  • 40% reduction in psychological distress, including stress, anxiety and depression
  • 65% decrease in violent conflict over two years

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The Transcendental Meditation technique

Transcendental Meditation, the core intervention of the Quiet Time Program, is a simple, easily learned technique, practiced by students and teachers while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It does not involve any religion, philosophy, or change in lifestyle. Over 340 published scientific studies document its effectiveness for improving health and learning.

This approach has been adopted by hundreds of public, private and charter schools worldwide—with strong support from students, parents and educators.

Transforming education, changing the lives of at-risk youth

The success of the Quiet Time program has generated a demand that far exceeds our available resources. Right now, there are literally hundreds of schools with tens of thousands of underserved students who are waiting to learn to meditate. Your generous support will help to continue and expand the Quiet Time program in Canada.
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